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Potturinn er, auk WikiIS-l póstlistans og IRC spjallrásarinnar #wikipedia-is tengjast á Freenode almennur umræðuvettvangur íslensku Wikipediu. Vinsamlegast mundu eftir að skrifa undir og tímasetja athugasemdir þínar með því að skrifa ~~~~ fyrir aftan þær eða með því að ýta á undirskriftartáknmyndina.

Wikipedia to the Moon[breyta frumkóða]

Hello! Sorry that this is in English only, but we are using village pump messaging in order to reach as many language communities as possible. Wrong page? Please fix it here.

This is an invitation to all Wikipedians: Wikimedia Deutschland has been given data space to include Wikipedia content in an upcoming mission to the Moon. (No joke!) We have launched a community discussion about how to do that, because we feel that this is for the global community of editors. Please, join the discussion on Meta-Wiki (and translate this invitation to your language community)! Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 21. apríl 2016 kl. 15:35 (UTC)

Áfrámsent af wikiis-owner[breyta frumkóða]

Ég stjórna póstlistanum ennþá og fékk þetta:


Each year we organise Wiki Loves Monuments in various countries around the world. It is a photo contest with local teams, supported by the international team. This year we especially like to support countries who have not participated before, like Iceland.

If you are interested in organisation, please look at this page for more information:

If you have any questions or need for support, feel free to contact me. We can support you in many ways.


--Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (spjall) 6. júní 2016 kl. 19:14 (UTC)

Hi all, The above message was coming from me.

One of the things we like to do is that from all countries in the world the public can learn about the local cultural heritage. In may countries the national government has assigned/designated certain buildings as monument. Would be great if these are listed somewhere. Does anyone know if Iceland has monuments? If yes, where to find more information about those? Thanks! Romaine (spjall) 8. júní 2016 kl. 01:52 (UTC)

Icelandic monuments are assigned by the cultural heritage agency of Iceland. Their website is at At the Icelandic part of their website is an list over Icelandic monuments. However, as with France, the copyright restrictions here mean that the list would need to be filtered as the FOP (Freedom-of-Panorama) clause is too restrictive for wikimedia commons. For an English speaker it is probably easiest to get the list through the carare project on Europeana, although that list is likely outdated (as of 2013).--Snaevar (spjall) 8. júní 2016 kl. 22:51 (UTC)

Wikipedia to the Moon: voting has begun[breyta frumkóða]

Hello, after six weeks of community discussion about Wikipedia to the Moon, there are now 10 different proposals for content for the mission. Starting today, you can vote for them on Meta-Wiki, and decide what we will work on: a Wikipedia canon, different lists, the Moon in 300 languages, an astronomy editathon, featured articles, articles about technology, endangered things, or DNA-related topics. You can even vote against community involvement. Voting is open until 24 June. Sorry that this message is again in English only, but we are using village pumps to reach as many communities as possible, so that everyone knows they can vote. Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 10. júní 2016 kl. 15:31 (UTC)

Photos of Icelandic politicians (and other personalities)[breyta frumkóða]

Hæ! :-) I apologize for writing in English - after years of rather lazy learning (it's just a hobby for me, as a Swiss person living in Switzerland), I understand quite a bit of Icelandic, but don't really feel comfortable writing. Well... I hope this is the right place for my suggestion. As I'm fascinated by everything Icelandic, one of the things I like to do is writing or expanding articles about Icelandic politicians in German-language Wikipedia, so we have there now e.g. articles for all current members of Alþingi. But what we don't have in most cases are photos - apparently, there is a distinct lack of free photos of Icelandic politicians and other personalities. I notice that even here in Icelandic Wikipedia, articles often use non-free photos (with NC restriction) that can't be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons - and also aren't accepted in German-language Wikipedia. So, I wonder... as Iceland is a small country, maybe it would be possible for Icelandic Wikipedians to take some photos, for example at official events, to increase the amount of available free photos? Even organize some kind of "Wikipedia at the parliament" photo session? In Germany, for example, they successfully carried out a photo project at their parliament Bundestag, see de:Wikipedia:Landtagsprojekt/BT, and similar projects for parliaments of member states. I think that such a project in Iceland would be great, too! :-) Of course, more free photos of e.g. Icelandic artists, writers etc. would also be very welcome. Gestumblindi (spjall) 20. júní 2016 kl. 21:32 (UTC)

Cool project and a great idea :) --Akigka (spjall) 21. júní 2016 kl. 09:58 (UTC)
I think the idea has been raised before, although it's good to get a regular reminder until we get going! ;) I'm sure we could get to take a picture of the president-elect for Wikimedia Commons if we asked him. Just need someone with a proper camera willing to upload it to commons. Regarding the members of parliament, we could use the opportunity to organise an event like that soon after the elections next autumn. For other people, we could start hunting them down earlier to shoot them (with a camera). :D -Svavar Kjarrval (spjall) 26. júní 2016 kl. 10:35 (UTC)

Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge[breyta frumkóða]

Peace Treaties in Art DSS2016.jpg Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge
Contest now open, come join us! All editors are encouraged to contribute their best in the depiction of peace in art. Tokens and prizes up for grabs.

Hi! The Peace Treaties in Art 30 x 30 Challenge is now on! Sorry I cannot speak your language, if someone translated this it would be fantastic:p In the meantime, we are very much looking forward to your participation in this inspirational contest aimed at creating, improving and translating articles on Peace Treaties in Art in the context of Donostia-San Seastián 2016 European Capital of Culture, aspiring to provide by dint of collaboration (quality!) material available in the Wikipedia about this compelling topic, both present and timeless. In keeping with our inclusive and multicultural approach, we are intent on encouraging production in minority languages, such as Icelandic.

The project, promoted by the Basque Wikimedians User Group, originates in the Peace Treaty exhibitions project taking place in Donostia-San Sebastián 2016 European Capital of Culture opening on June 17. The Wikipedia challenge extends from June 17 (starting 12 pm CET) to July 17, including a Wikimarathon to be held on 9 July, everyone is invited! Leave your imprint along with other fellow wikipedians, you will win awards (and our eternal gratitude!:) in the form of Barnstars and en:Donostia-San Sebastián stays! See you there, takk --Iñaki LL (spjall) 26. júní 2016 kl. 10:18 (UTC)