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This page is indended for users from other wikipedia projects that have allready familiarized themselves with basic editing and the policies of another wikipedia project than this one. It is an overview of whatever that may be different than on other wikipedia projects.

Policies and guidelines in a nutshell[breyta frumkóða]

Do always follow common sence and work out each problem with what suits the enclyopedia best in mind. Just because an iswiki policy states otherwise, that is not an excuse not to.

Policies[breyta frumkóða]

  • If an rule stands in the way of improving or maintaining Wikipedia, then ignore it.
  • Wikipedia is not a blog, web host, social media, dictionary, etc.
  • All wikipedia content shall be verifiable and cited via verifiable sources.
  • Original research is forbidden on wikipedia.
  • Articles on Wikipedia shall be written in a neutral point of view. Content of pages shall reflect actual value in published and verifiable sources.
  • Biographies of living persons shall follow the no original research, verifiability and no original research policies in a more strict manner than other articles.
  • Attack pages shall be speedily deleted.
  • All text that users write falls under CC-BY-SA 3.0, and that licence will not be taken back later.
  • Icelandic wikipedia does have an EDP-policy, but allows only multimedia descriptions in icelandic.
  • Edit warring is forbidden and may result in a ban.
  • Allow other users to write to articles that you have contributed to.
  • Use peaceful mesures to resolve disagreements, instead of lawsuits.
  • Criticise the material, not the user that contributed it.
  • Do not use sock puppeting to decive others or win elections. Creating bot accounts and making a new account after losing your password is not considered sock puppeting.
  • Use an neutral username that you are ok with. Deciving, misleading, hurtful and corporate usernames are not allowed.
  • Vandalism is dissalowed and will result in a ban after recurrent violations.
  • Deletion: see below.
  • Protections may be used to protect pages, but never with an higher protection or for a longer duration than neccisary.

Guidelines[breyta frumkóða]

  • Cite sources to evry statement in the article.
  • Manual of style: see below.
  • Categories should only be created if 5 articles or more can be written or allready exist that could be added to that category.
  • Articles that are well known or have sufficent verifiable information should exist on the subject.
  • Editquette: Users shall be polite, assume good intentions and not take disagreements personally. The community shall intervene in disagreements and work towards agreement.

Manual of style and grammar[breyta frumkóða]

  • Article names: Article names should be in singular nominative case, without an grammatical article. An exception to this rule are bilogical classes that are bigger than a species. In those cases the article name should be in plural.
  • Apostrophes - use icelandic quotes, like so „”.
  • Periods - Place a period or a comma before a closing quotation mark if it belongs as part of the quoted material; otherwise put it after.
  • Dates - Use the format DD. monthname YYYY. If you are working with an date that is not quite that precise then drop days or months as needed.
  • Numbers - Use a dot as an thousand seperator and a comma for fractions.
  • Birth and death date - Birth and death date at the start of an article should be given in one of the following forms: (YYYY – YYYY) or (DD. monthname YYYY – DD. monthname YYYY) or (fæddur DD. monthname YYYY, dáinn DD. monthname YYYY). Do not mix and match forms. Dates before christ should be indicated with the abbrevation „f.Kr.” after the year, like so (YYYY f.Kr. – YYYY f.Kr.).
  • Links: Only link to articles that merit an article. Link to the subject only where it first appears in the text.
  • Categorisation: Individual should be categorized after their nationality and profession. Icelandic and Korean names should be categorised by their first name, while other individuals should be sorted by their last name.

Cleanup[breyta frumkóða]

You may either run into an article that does not follow the policies mentioned above or be wondering about what cleanup template an particular page has. If you find an page that needs cleanup then you could add an message to the corresponding talk page, but that is likely to get missing. You should preferrably fix the issue yourself, but if you don't think you are up for it, then you can use one of these templates. Remember to replace the italic text with what the text describes.

  • {{Athygli|''the problem at hand''}} and {{Hreingera|''the problem at hand''}} - General cleanup
  • {{Hlutleysi|''the problem at hand''}} - Violation of NPOV (neutral point of view)
  • {{Alþjóðavæða}} - Internationalize
  • {{Staðreyndavillur|''the problem at hand''}} - Factual errors
  • {{Heimildir}} - No references
  • {{Eyða|''reason''}} - Delete
  • {{heimild vantar}} - used inline where a citation is missing.

Namespace names[breyta frumkóða]

Having namespace names in an foreign language will probably slow you down. Of course, you can write the english namespace names and mediawiki will redirect you to the correct namespace. Here is an list over all the icelandic names of the namespaces. You then have a choice which method you use.

  • Aðalnafnrýmið - Main namespace (no prefix)
  • Notandi - User
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia
  • Mynd - Media
  • Melding - MediaWiki
  • Snið - Template
  • Hjálp - Help
  • Flokkur - Category
  • Gátt - Portal
  • Module - Module

Namespaces with "spjall" in the end of their names are the respective talk namespaces of the namespaces above.

Chat and requests[breyta frumkóða]

The amount of places to discuss are fewer than in larger wikipedias, such as the norwegian wikipedia and the english wikipedia. Iswiki does not have active portals or wikiprojects or even specific village pumps. Most of the discussion takes place on Wikipedia:Potturinn (Village pump) or on an talk page of the page in question.

Keep your post preferrably in either Icelandic, English or Scandinavian (danish, swedish and norwegian). Posting in Spanish, French or German is ok, but fewer people will understand what you are talking about. Don't count on getting an answer if you post in another language than those.

More specific posts are sent elsewhere.

  • Bot flag requests: Wikipedia:Vélmenni
  • Sysop or beurocrat requests: It is up to you wheter you send your request to the village pump or an userpage of an beurocrat or sysop.
  • Requests for articles: Wikipedia:Beiðnir um greinar. There is no gurantee of your page being created.
  • Remove sensitive content: Iswiki does not have oversighters, so requests to remove content from the edit history should be sent via the Special:EmailUser interface to any beurocrat. This is done so we do not need to hide both your request and the edit that you request to hide.

Admin actions[breyta frumkóða]

Deletions[breyta frumkóða]

Iswiki does have only one delete template - {{eyða}}. There is no specific speedy delete template, but pages may be deleted quickly and without any discussion in the following cases. These cases are translated from Wikipedia:Eyðingartillögur. If your reason does follow under one of the criteria, it is a good idea to point out that that reason is mentioned on Wikipedia:Eyðingartillögur, for example by linking to it.

All namespaces

  • A1 - Obvious nonsense
  • A2 - Pages in other languages. Does not include userpages, redirects, chatpages and multimedia pages.
  • A3 - Test pages. Does not include the sandbox (Wikipedia:Sandkassinn) or user pages.
  • A4 - Vandalism
  • A5 - Remake of deleted material, given that it is nearly identical to the deleted material.
  • A6 - Material added by banned users
  • A7 - Cleanup and maintainance. Obvious mistakes like unneeded redirects.
  • A8 - Author requested deletion, given that no-one else has contributed. Does not include chat pages.
  • A9 - Material that belongs to other content that does not exist.
  • A10 - Threats and false accusations
  • A11 - Obvious commercial or propaganda. The neutral point of view is the main factor of whether an page is an valid company page or an commercial.
  • A12 - Clear copyright violation, given that everything on the page is a copyright violation, otherwise only the section containing the copyvio should be removed.
  • A13 - Office actions by WMF

Blocks[breyta frumkóða]

Iswiki does use Icelandic block reasons. So, what do these block messages mean? Let´s go over the most frequently used ones.

  • Setur inn rangar upplýsingar - Inserts false information
  • Fjarlægir efni af síðum - Removing content from pages
  • Setur inn rusltengla á utanaðkomandi síður - Inserts spam links to external sites
  • Setur inn vitleysu/þvaður á síður - Inserts nonsense into pages
  • Yfirþyrmandi framkoma/áreitni - Intimidating behaviour
  • Misnotkun á fjölda notandanafna - Abusing multible accounts
  • Óásættanlegt notandanafn - Unacceptable username