„Spjall:Hussainia“: Munur á milli breytinga

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ekkert breytingarágrip
Ekkert breytingarágrip
mEkkert breytingarágrip
The translation ''sorghús'' sounds strange, and is probably never used in the Icelandic language. But, the word ''sorgarhús'' can be found in the Bible (Ecclesiastes), so that word has already a meaning in Icelandic. Unfortunately, we therfore cannot use that word for another meaning. [[Notandi:Thvj|Thvj]] 28. apríl 2010 kl. 19:29 (UTC)
Mm, so do you think we should convert the name to (Hussainia)? [[Notandi:Abu Amal Bahraini|Abu Amal Bahraini]] 29. apríl 2010 kl. 03:37 (UTC)