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Julla er ekki ei kjölbát. (A dinghy is not a keelboat - it has no keel, but often centerboard in stead/en jolle er ikke en kølbåd - den har ingen køl, men ofte enten et sværd eller en sænkekøl). Havregryn 12:57, 2 febrúar 2007 (UTC)

Centerboard is called "kjölur" or "laus kjölur" (loose keel)) in Icelandic. Dinghy in English has two meanings in Icelandic. One is "skipsbátur" or "léttabátur" (a boat used to travel between ship and land) and the other is "small open sailboat with one sail" (like a topper or laser). At least I think I am right in this usage. --Akigka 13:00, 2 febrúar 2007 (UTC)
According to the Icelandic keelboat association a keelboat is simply a sailboat with a keel (centerboard) and can be any size. Open sailboats (like topper, wayfarer etc.) are called "kjölbátur" or "julla" (usually the smaller ones) - again I think this is the current usage in Icelandic. According to en:Keelboat and en:Dinghy this is not entirely equivalent to the English usage, but close enough IMHO. --Akigka 13:05, 2 febrúar 2007 (UTC)