Úr Wikipediu, frjálsa alfræðiritinu

    Hi Stillbusy. Regrettably your editing of wikipedia articles is weird in my opinion :-( It is because:

    1. surtarbrandur does not equal to kol (sensu Bárdarson 1918). He defined surtarbrandur (and vidarbrandur, leirbrandur and steinbrandur) as a specific and ONLY icelandic coal.
    2. Therefore your photo from Bulgaria is completely wrong. As the new photo from Botn mine - yes, it is from my book and at the same time my property right. that's why I put it on Wikipedia (once again = MY photo, of REAL surtarbrandur)
    3. To your impression that I am promoting my book - I really don't want to make a profit on sales (as you might think) !!! All I want is for Icelandic readers - interested in studying surtarbrandur - to know where they can look for all the comprehensive information on this raw material!
      But it´s your bussines. For me it is much more important that I have bought several copiesof the book and i I will send these copies in the near future as a fift to major Icelandic libraries.

    After all - the library is a more trusted resource than wikipedia, which anyone can modify at will ...


    Dear Gandy II,
    1. When you look at the edit history of this article Surtarbrandur you can't find anywhere that I have ever used the word "kol" there.
    2. I certainly did not add the picture from Bulgaria to that article. That was done by another user on 11. November 2011, at 22:08.
    3. I do not doubt at all that your book belongs into this article. I even wrote so on your discussion site. I couldn't know at the time that I should rather have written that in English. The reason for my revert was not at all your book, but the way you put it into the article. In wikipedia sources are used - like for example your book - to show that given facts are correct or where these facts come from. That's the way sources are used in general. In simple words: a user writes something into wikipedia and then adds a source to it. That means that in the main body of an article a book or other source is not mentioned in itself. What I also wrote on your discussion site is that you can add your book on its own after the main text, e.g. under "Further reading". And regarding the really nice picture you added - there was missing where that picture comes from.
    So, that was obviously just a misunderstanding because I wrote to you in Icelandic on your discussion site. Sorry.
    Here are some links where you can read in English about wikipedia editing: Introduction, Tutorial and Contents.
    By the way - thank you for your gift books to Icelandic libraries. As I mentioned before, I don't doubt that it's a good book.
    Best wishes from Iceland and keep up the good work
    --Stillbusy (spjall) 16. júní 2021 kl. 21:47 (UTC)