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Hi Stillbusy. Regrettably your editing of wikipedia articles is weird in my opinion :-( It is because:

  1. surtarbrandur does not equal to kol (sensu Bárdarson 1918). He defined surtarbrandur (and vidarbrandur, leirbrandur and steinbrandur) as a specific and ONLY icelandic coal.
  2. Therefore your photo from Bulgaria is completely wrong. As the new photo from Botn mine - yes, it is from my book and at the same time my property right. that's why I put it on Wikipedia (once again = MY photo, of REAL surtarbrandur)
  3. To your impression that I am promoting my book - I really don't want to make a profit on sales (as you might think) !!! All I want is for Icelandic readers - interested in studying surtarbrandur - to know where they can look for all the comprehensive information on this raw material!
    But it´s your bussines. For me it is much more important that I have bought several copiesof the book and i I will send these copies in the near future as a fift to major Icelandic libraries.

After all - the library is a more trusted resource than wikipedia, which anyone can modify at will ...