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Hi everybody in the World interesting in chess and wikipedia.

This is an international chess aid new for making chess boards.

  1. English speakers wikipedist had been made a template for displaying chess boards easily at [1]. This template uses images from english wikipedia. They are using it in a lot of articles.
  2. The images used by this template had been copied to wikimedia.COMMONS and put it in an appropiated category: [2]
  3. Then, now the template can be used in a local new template without any change (only you meaby change the template`s name and obviosly you should change the template invocation) .
  4. Spanish speakers wikipedist already start to used it at [3] an others articles.
  5. The template explanation is in its talk page.
  6. If you want to change the image(s) is not very difficult, you only should add them to commons and change their names in the template (with out changing the already existance images, of course).
  7. A large disccuss about the template, like flexibility, special applications (like board with arrows), choose board appearence, and much others questions are in the english talk (discussion) of the template.

We hope you enjoy this colaborative work an make more and more chess articles in every wikipedia(s) you work.


(If there are mistakes, I am sorry, my english is not my natural language.)

14th June 2005 aprox. 22:00 hrs GMT User gengiskanhg from english and spanish wikipedias.

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