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Google Translate[breyta frumkóða]

Hello. It's best not to use Google Translate when working on articles here as it leaves quite a few errors for others to clean up. The following are incorrect: "Íslensk Talsetning, Önnur raddir, Tæknilega starfsfólk, Nafn persóna". Thanks :) – Þjarkur (spjall) 29. apríl 2019 kl. 19:00 (UTC)

Sæll Ralfí, I don't think those headings are required, but at least "additional voices" could be "Aðrar raddir". Directing doesn't quite fall under technical staff, so I don't know what you'd call it. In any case, it's probably not necessary to include. – Þjarkur (spjall) 30. apríl 2019 kl. 22:37 (UTC)