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Español: Bandera de Nagorno-Karabaj

The flag of Nagorno-Karabakh. David Benbennick wrote this file, based on the image given at Flags of the World. The colors are the same as Image:Flag of Armenia.svg. Construction details is at



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Coat of arms of Artsakh.svg

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27. febrúar 2014 kl. 20:32Smámynd útgáfunnar frá 27. febrúar 2014, kl. 20:321.350 × 675 (516 bæti)NuclearVacuumStandardized colors to that of current Armenian flag color scheme. Code unaffected.
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28. janúar 2006 kl. 12:00Smámynd útgáfunnar frá 28. janúar 2006, kl. 12:005.400 × 2.700 (701 bæti)Gabbeupdated colours to match Armenian flag; used at and various other places both official and unoffical
29. nóvember 2005 kl. 01:16Smámynd útgáfunnar frá 29. nóvember 2005, kl. 01:165.400 × 2.700 (712 bæti)Dbenbennby me, PD

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