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| date=2009-04-13
| accessdate=2009-04-19}}</ref>
Dalvik lagar sig hvorki að [[Java SE]] né [[Java ME]] [[Java-klasasafn|klasasafna]]-prófílum <ref>{{cite web
| url=
| title=Google's Android SDK Bypasses Java ME in Favor of Java Lite and Apache Harmony
| date=2007-11-12
| quote=''Instead of providing a full version of the Java SE or Java ME Google has diverged on two fronts. First, a limited subset of the core Java packages is provided. (...) By going this route Android is following in the footsteps of another Google project GWT which uses Java as its development language but does not support the full JDK.''
| accessdate=2009-05-31}}</ref><ref>{{cite web
| url=
| title=Alternative to Point2D
| publisher=Droid Tutorials
| date=2010-02-12
| quote=''Given that AWT is not supported in Android API, the Point2D class, which is useful for writing 2D graphics, is missing either.''
| accessdate=2010-02-17}}</ref> (e.g., [[Java ME]] classes, [[Abstract Window Toolkit|AWT]] or [[Swing (Java)|Swing]] are not supported). Instead it uses its own library<ref>{{cite web
| url=
| title=Package Index
| publisher=[[Open Handset Alliance]]
| accessdate=2009-05-31}}</ref> built on a subset of the [[Apache Harmony]] Java implementation.