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„Notandi:Efloean“: Munur á milli breytinga

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[[Image:Face-smile.svg|left]]'''Erik Fløan''' alias '''Efloean''' (born 18. February 1993, 14 years old), is a Norwegian Wikipedian, mostly active at the Norwegian (bokmål) Wikipedia. I've registred at serveral wikis, hopefully to contribute with some small texts, but mainly to improve my language understanding. The Icelandic Wiki is therefore more a source than a reciever for me.
== Icelandic <3 ==
I don't speak Icelandic, but I understand a lot of it, because of it's likeness to Norwegian. The language is very interresting, and definitly my favourite language! I've never been to Iceland either, but I hope I can visit this wonderful country some day.