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Chaplin began releasing his films through [[United Artists]] in 1923. From this point on all of his films were of feature length. He produced, directed, and wrote these eight films and starred in all but the first. Beginning with ''[[City Lights]]'' Chaplin wrote the musical scores for his films as well.
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! width="6%" | [[Film composer|Composer]] !! width="6%" | Producer !! width="6%" | Writer !! width="6%" | Director !! width="15%" | Role
| scope="row" align="left" | {{dts|26 June 1925}} || align="left" | ''{{sort|gold|[[The Gold Rush]]}}'' || {{Yes}}|| {{Yes}}|| {{Yes}}|| {{Yes}}|| align="left" | Lone Prospector ([[The Tramp]]) || align="left" | Score composed for 1942 re-issue. Added to the [[National Film Registry]] in 1992.<ref>{{cite news|agency=[[Associated Press]]|title=25 American films are added to the National Film Registry|work=[[The Prescott Courier]]|url=,2097601|date=7 December 1992|accessdate=29 September 2009}}</ref>